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Celebrity Makeup Artist Jami Svay Shares Beauty Secrets With Us

Celeb Makeup Artist Jami Svay, a long time friend of PinkDailyNews and author of the new book The Beautyfull Guide, is hitting the media streets to share with the world some of her expertise on beauty. So we decided to ask her to share some of her fave secrets and solutions to common beauty delimas.

PinkDailyNews     How can I keep my lips looking full and fabulous all day? My gloss wears off constantly!

Jami Svay     Do the layering method for “staying power”. Use a lip primer, then a stain or lipstick, and finish with a like color gloss.

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7 Lady Bosses Share Their Best Career Advice

As a woman business owner I love seeking out advice, success stories and learning as much as I can. To be honest, if I didn’t do that I would have closed a long time ago. I have had several things in my personal life that could have easily caused me to shut down but when I felt that frustration and even desperation OR if I just wanted inspiration, I would start looking for stories of those who have been through the process of building a business and made it to the successful side. Read this great article from MyDomain.Com HERE.

5 Steps to Take When You’re in a Funk and Can’t Imagine Getting Any Work Done

We’ve all been there. I actually just came out of what was like a two year funk! I thought my drive and creativity would never return. In my case, I was going through something really hard personally but many things can contribute to a funk. One thing I knew to do was hang in there. Sometimes you’re in the kind of funk that requires a major change but in my case I knew I should just hold steady because I still loved the idea of what I do. Read this great article from The Daily Muse HERE on tips to help you get out of a funk.

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

I don’t mean to go on too much about this but I just can NOT get over how amazing activated charcoal is and how all swag girls must keep this around! I will share more of the benefits in future posts, or of course you can google it but the one I am super excited to share is how to whiten your teeth with it. I am so happy I did this. I have always wanted whiter teeth and have tried multiple things but it’s so dang expensive and since I drink a ton of raspberry tea, coffee and even wine, I need a better and more healthy alternative and this one is FABULOUS! Its simple, read how to HERE from

7 Spending Mistakes You Keep Making

Though I’m hoping for spring to come sooner, I don’t have too much trust in the shadow or lack thereof. For me, I prefer to celebrate Groundhog Day with the movie instead, watching Bill Murray live the same day over and over again. In honor of the popular 1993 comedy, I thought I’d help you overcome the most common spending mistakes you keep repeating so you can beat the cycle before going broke.

Here are seven common spending mistakes consumers make over and over again.

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The Bookshelf: Fight Like a Girl and Dancing Naked in Fuzzy Red Slippers

So I went on the opposite ends of the spectrum here. Fight Like a Girl is definitely awesome but also more intense while Dancing Naked in Fussy Red Slippers embraces letting yourself go and making a little fun of life. I really enjoyed them both.

Fight Like a Girl has been out for quite a while and many of you may be familiar with it but it is really inspirational and Lisa Bevere certainly nails what it’s it like to be a woman who feels displaced in life. She encourages  women and girls to appreciate the power of womanhood AND displacement and to not be afraid to “fight like a girl”. How does a girl fight? According to Lisa, and I agree, she fights through prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit and using the powerful word of God. You’ll love it!

Dancing Naked in Fuzzy Red Slippers by Carmen Richardson reads like a diary. It’s so funny because I could so relate to all of her daily experiences. If we think about it, we have goofy, weird, hilarious and even bizarre things happen to us everyday so why not “dance naked in fuzzy red slippers?” and enjoy the ride. Yes, I agree!