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Business Babes Society Boot Camp July 21,22,23!!!

You don’t want to miss the next Business Babes Society Boot Camp! Enrich your business life dramatically by learning how to overcome obstacles, market effectively, manage your time better and so much more! Our next camp is July 21,22,23. The cost is $99 and you will not regret it. For more info email   Hugs! Noel

7 Lady Bosses Share Their Best Career Advice

As a woman business owner I love seeking out advice, success stories and learning as much as I can. To be honest, if I didn’t do that I would have closed a long time ago. I have had several things in my personal life that could have easily caused me to shut down but when I felt that frustration and even desperation OR if I just wanted inspiration, I would start looking for stories of those who have been through the process of building a business and made it to the successful side. Read this great article from MyDomain.Com HERE.

5 Steps to Take When You’re in a Funk and Can’t Imagine Getting Any Work Done

We’ve all been there. I actually just came out of what was like a two year funk! I thought my drive and creativity would never return. In my case, I was going through something really hard personally but many things can contribute to a funk. One thing I knew to do was hang in there. Sometimes you’re in the kind of funk that requires a major change but in my case I knew I should just hold steady because I still loved the idea of what I do. Read this great article from The Daily Muse HERE on tips to help you get out of a funk.

Stop Getting Distracted When You Work From Home by The Little Pink Book

Working from home is something that many of us enjoy. We can wear what we like, choose our own working hours and avoid the long commute to the office. However, as much as many people revel in being able to work from home, it’s not always an ideal environment to do so. Your home is filled with distractions, from pets to the TV and it can be easy to lose focus and motivation. This can have a negative outcome on your work and cause you to lose valuable time, money and clients. So to make working from home more successful and less distracting, why not try the following ideas. Read on HERE.

10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

If you’re anything like me, sometimes I’m overflowing with ideas and creative ideas while other times I’m searching every part of my brain for ideas. Often times I find myself thinking about and wondering how I can use social media more effectively. What do I do when the idea well has run dry? Well turn to those who have great ideas. Instagram is great tool and a large part of how I use it is simply use my to tell people more about me and Pink Media Studio when I send them there. Learn 10 great ideas on how to use Instagram HERE from SocialMediaExaminer.Com.

How to Theme Your Instagram Feed

I LOVE it when I find a new blogger to share with you. I have so many in my repertoire of blog love that sometimes I just don’t know how to pick! I read a LOT of blogs and many of them will send out posts that imply they have some expertise in their field but then I read the post I am like, that’s not new info! or well that’s common sense so I really enjoy it when I find a new one that is REALLY passing on great info, like this one. This post on How to Theme Your Instagram Feed is really fabulous. Though short, it’s very educational. Love this post HERE.