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Business Planning Workshop Jan. 18th, Don’t Miss It!

If you’re at all like me, you love the start of the New Year.   Even though January 1st is just another day, it feels like a fresh start. Another chance to do everything better.   For people like us, we’d like nothing better than to make 2018 our best business year ever!   Most of us start the year with some new goals.   But really, your goals are just wishes unless you make a clear plan to reach them. I used to start out the year with a bunch of goals written on a piece of paper.   And then I went back to doing the same things I always did. And guess what?   At the end of the year, I’d pull out my goals and realize that I hadn’t really made the progress I thought I had.   Things really started to happen for us when I went beyond setting a goal.   I actually broke down my goal and made a list of everything that had to happen before I …

Chic Directive Coming 2018!

Pink Media Studio and PinkDailyNews is proud to launch Chic Directive. Chic Directive is a magazine and think tank of sorts for women. It will include workshops, seminars, podcast and many other wonderful things to help our clients get stronger, grow bigger, believe for more and have the tools to achieve it. We’ll have special guests, speakers and more along the way to assist in furthering our goals as individuals and business owners.   Workshop dates TBA.